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  About Us  
  Simple Concepts BPM, LLC was founded to provide consultancy, business process management and implementation services and support to small and medium size companies leveraged through partnerships with various IT services and software providers. We use a collaborative, pragmatic approach to client engagements and use our skill and experience to ensure that we design and implement IT solutions that are both effective and efficient for today’s requirements, but also Agile enough to cope with our client’s need for continues improvement and ever changing business environments. We strive to ensure that our clients receive value from our services and solutions. The Agile business process provides us with a framework, which enables us to balance the creativity required to conduct our assignments with the rigor needed to ensure that elements of quality, risk, timing, and cost are managed effectively. Our goal is to become long-term partners with our clients, supporting them as their businesses grow and evolve.  
  Our purpose  
  We use BPM methodologies, technologies, tools and techniques  to satisfy our customer's need to find ways to improve performance, contain costs, improve customer satisfaction and increase agility.  
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